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Compost Related Links & Resources

•  A Homeowner's Guide to Composting
(an excellent comprehensive guide to composting)

•  The Compost Resource Page
(much info on variety of topics, with many other links)

•  Organic Pathways
(an excellent site with much information on sustainable culture and additional resources)

•  City Farmer -- Urban Home Composting
(good site with much worm info)

•  Learning to Compost
(beginner's guide)

•  Kraft, Ken & Pat. Growing Food The Natural Way.

•  Florida's On-Line Composting Center
(Florida extension service tutorials and advice on composting -- has a compost news section.)

For your bedside reading pleasure, you may download the compost manual for printout if you so desire.  (to download -- right-click and select "Save target as ...", navigate to where you want to save it, and click "Save")  At the moment, the manual is provided in three formats:

•  PDF format (.pdf)
the compost manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

•  MS Word 97 (.doc)
the compost manual in Microsoft Word 97 format


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