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Rancho Mondo is a real place as well as a virtual one.  We have five beautiful wooded acres south of Austin, Texas where we pursue a wide variety of interests.  We both attended art school and have an interest in many arts and crafts, some of which you will find on this site. We raise a lot of our own food and try to live a simple life.

Here's a brief description of what the site has to offer right now:

  • home page  --  The entrance to the site.  Note that you can get back to the home page by clicking on the rancho mondo logo in the upper left corner of each page
  • about  --  the page you're on now, about us here at rancho mondo
  • art gallery  --  the rancho mondo computer art gallery
  • compost  --  the rancho mondo 'How To Compost' manual
  • contact  --  how to contact us here at rancho mondo

These are topics that are up now — new topics are in the works.


Look here for the latest about the site.  As a result of retirement and health issues, the site has been minimized.  The site currently contains only two sections:  the rancho mondo art gallery, and the "how to compost" manual.  However new topics will be slowly introduced.  We have an interest in gardening from which several pages might be developed, including agaves ans chickens.  Therese might talk about her rock tumbling and coprolites.

information symbol -- found throughout the site to provide additional information Indicates an information symbol.  Any time you encounter one on a page, you may hold your cursor over the symbol to obtain some extra information.  If the cursor arrow changes into a pointing hand, then it is also a link to even more info.