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In Conclusion

Reading about how to make a good compost is no substitute for getting out there and making some.  I've included all the information necessary to make the very best compost possible for your conditions.  The product you produce may be fantastic or not the first time you make it; but to my way of thinking, ANY compost you make can only be beneficial to your soil.  You can apply every principle mentioned, none of them, or pick and choose the ones that seem to make sense to you and your lifestyle.  It doesn't make any difference ... just remember that your household is continually pumping out waste that you can turn into the most valuable substance your garden can get ... a sort of organic alchemy.

If you've read this entire manual, congratulations...the hard part is over.  Start collecting your household wastes TODAY and . . . MAKE SOME COMPOST !


Hey you!  Start making some compost today!
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